Les Liens du Son,
We make the tunes come to life ...
Les Liens du Son is a french company established in 2010 that offers solutions for recording, mixing, sound design and music production and writing.

Founded by engineer/producer François-Maxime Boutault aka Bootz, Les Liens du Son helps artists, bands, labels and publishers to produce music through a large scale of technical and human solutions, depending on the needs and budgets involved through their projects.

Beside engineering and production, Les Liens du Son also provide services such as consulting and coaching, including personal teaching courses and technical reviewing.

No matter what the genre, I want to put the artistic & human aspects back into the process and create a special partnership to make the tunes come to life. We have a lot of different solutions available to make it happen, but only the song can tell us how to record, mix and capture the emotions we want to highlight.
François-Maxime Boutault
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