Leave your musical mark

Whether it's a single voice or a whole band playing live, whether you wanna stay in the city or record in a residential studio, we can match your needs by looking together for the appropriate technical solutions using the best of both digital and analogue worlds.

We have the right tools and connections to record any kind of instruments, from drums to strings, guitars, keyboards and unusual instruments, playing live in the same room or just overdubbing... Nothing's impossible.

On the Studios page you will find a non-exhaustive list of some french recording facilities I've been working with over the past few years that maintain a special partnership with Les Liens du Son, to offer you the best recording conditions possible and create YOUR personal recording environment.

Special recording setups
If you want a particular recording setup (including recording at home) that doesn't appear in the Studios page, we can find other technical solutions with you to make your songs alive in the way you wanted to do it.

International recording
For customers who want to record outside France, we have connections with other facilities that are not listed in the Studios page as well.

Musicians booking?
If you're a solo artist looking for musicians, we're working with a strong musicians crew who can match any musical taste. From drummers to guitarists, including keyboard players, strings and horns sections as well as background vocalists, we make the right connection for your project.

Instrument renting
Finally, if your project needs some special instrument renting, we can find the right solution for the best price possible.

Please feel free to explain all your needs in the Contact page for us to find the best solution for your project. No matter what the genre is, we create the right vibe for your recording.
Got tracks ?
Through the same partnership that Les Liens du Son keeps with the facilities listed in the Studios page for recording, we also have easy access in these rooms for mixing. Our small parisian facility can match the global technical requirements of today's music production, but if your project needs a special treatment, these rooms are perfect for any mixing situation.

Moreover, if you need an online mixing service, we also have the right tools to do it properly.
Here are some requirements to follow prior to the mixing session :
LLDS - Online Mixing Requirements
Production & Composition,
We make your ideas alive
You got songs but no way to make them come to life? Need special arrangement or programming? We can follow your musical project and make sure it will come to life the way you expected to, from the writing process to the mastering step. If your songs need a personal partnership, we can find the perfect artistic, technical and human solutions to achieve a proper and collective musical work.

We also have the right tools and ideas to write, perform and produce our own compositions for your visual work. Through our partnership with publishing companies, we developed specific skills to provide custom musical creations in relation to your needs.

Please feel free to use the Contact page to describe your project expectations and needs.
Need an advice ?
Through the years we've been working with such audio training courses as SAE France and the SATIS department of Université de Provence. That leads us today to offer our services in training and consulting, in any area of the audio field. You need to setup a new equipment? Need to be trained for a particular project? Just specify it in the Contact page and we'll see what type of work we van achieve together.

Also, as a permanent collaborator for website Audiofanzine, we also provide reviews, articles and interviews about audio and music.
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